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Brokerage - Errors and Omissions

Professional Liability is a very important coverage for any occupation in which office based services are rendered for a fee. In recent years there has been a drastic increase in the type and number of service business and it continues to grow as a result of the possibility of disastrous claims and new and emerging businesses.

Errors and Omissions Professional Liability
    -Insurance Agents
    -Real Estate Agents
    -Communications Liability Including E-commerce and Cyber-Liability
    -Mortgage Brokers
    -Architects and Engineers
    -Medical Providers
    -Public Officials and Educational E&O
    -Lawyers (Real Estate Securities, Bankruptcy
    -Medical Malpractice/Physicians Malpractice
    -Misc. E&O including consultants, messenger services,
      bookkeepers (not CPA's), travel agents and many more!

Media Liability
    -Advertising agencies

Information Technology Related Risks
    -Internet Service Providers
    -Application Service Providers
    -Web Site Developers, Designers and Consultants
    -Internet/Digital Media
    -Graphic Design

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